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Pump: Direct drive triplex piston AR pump with ceramic plungers · Stainless-steel and brass unloader · Adjustable pressure · Forged brass manifold · Thermal relief valve · In-line water strainer Engine: Performance-proven Subaru OHC engine with low-oil protection


• 3-year Subaru engine limited warranty, 7-year pump warranty 62-160 PRESSURE WASHER Gasoline Direct Drive • 404cc Subaru OHC • 4,000 psi, 3.4 gpm • Quick-connect nozzles (0º, 15º, 25º, 40º) • 50'' x 3/8" non-marking hose with quick connects, swivel


6. CAUTION after turning off your pressure washer and water supply, there is still high pressure water trapped in the system. You must release the pressure by triggering the gun after the engine/motor has completely stopped. 7. Know what chemicals you are

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"N14 and N18 Engine: High-pressure Pump Repair Instruction. INFORMATION The current version of ISTA/D Repair Instruction 13 51 017, ""Removing and installing or replacing high-pressure pump (N14

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Good Through July 31st Pressure Washers – Performance-proven engine – Direct drive triplex piston AR pump – Powder coated steel handles and base plate – Convenient gun/wand JCW-2403-0MHB 2400 2.8 196cc Honda OHV $1,009.00 JCW-2703-0MHB 2700 2.4 196cc Honda OHV $1,099.00 JCW-3003-0MRB 3000 3.0 265cc Subaru OHC $1,235.00 JCW Series …

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Coil Subaru Engine 3 Year 7 Year Honda Engine Pump 3 Year Kohler Engine PART NUER DESCRIPTION FITS MODELS 20-0464A52 Rain cap 3000 to 3500-PSI models 50-0161 High pressure detergent injector 2500-PSI models HX-0098 Electric start

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Mi-T-M WP-3200-0MHB Wp-3200-0Mhb Wp (Work Pro) Series Pressure Washer, Gasoline Direct Drive, 3200 Psi, 2.4 Gpm, 196 Cc Honda Ohv Engine 3200 Psi 2.4 Gpm 196Cc Honda Ohv Engine Direct Drive Crankshaft Mi-T-M Pump, Weight: 110.0 Pounds, Manufacturer: Mi T M Corp more

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With a powerful Subaru EA175 gasoline engine, this Ryobi Pressure Washer delivers 2700-PSI of force for quick cleaning of driveways, decks, windows, and other areas around the house. 7:00am-5:00pm weekdays, 7:00am-3:00pm Sat. Keep your Ryobi Subaru

Subaru Robin Engines When it comes to quality and a reputation you can rely on for exceptional support and service, one name comes to mind: SUBARU.

Engine Model EH025 EX13 EX17 EX27 EX17 EX21 EX13 EX17 EX17 EX27 EH34D Hatz 1B30 Hatz 1B40 Type Subaru Robin air-cooled OHV, gasoline Subaru Robin air-cooled 4-cycle, OHC, gasoline Subaru Robin air-cooled 4-cycle, OHC, gasoline Subaru Robin

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High pressure detergent injector - High pressure washer mixes with detergent to clean even the heaviest build-up 50-ft. x 3⁄8-in. non-marking hose - For when you need extra hose for added

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8-inch steel wire-braided pressure hose with quick connects, swivel nd bend restrictors (Screw connects on 3000 & 3500-PSI models) 265cc Subaru OHC AR 1.59 gallon 5.5 gallon 1.84 gph 253,000 43in.x30in.x41in. 530 lb. 407 lb. HSP-3504-3MGH 3500 3.3

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H O T W AT E R P R E S S U R E W A S H E R S HSP Series PSI 2500 2500 3000 3000 3500 3500 3500 GPM 2.7 2.7 2.9 2.9 3.3 3.3 3.3 Displacement/Engine 196cc Honda OHV 211cc Subaru OHC 270cc Honda OHV

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Mi-T-M Mi-T-M JP-3003-3MHB Cold Water Direct Drive, 270cc Honda OHV Gasoline Engine, 3000 PSI Pressure Wash $1,795.00 Mi-T-M 13.5 HP Subaru OHC …


OHC’s increased size and weight doesn’t matter in the GC engines because the largest GC engine is 190cc (residential power washers are lower PSI and GPM and use axial not triplex pumps). OHC is better at high RPMs and the more affordable lesser flow rate pumps used in residential pressure cleaners operate at high RPMs.

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Pressure source Gasoline, Subaru OHC/OHV Amps/volts N/A Displacement 211cc Pump type Triplex crankshaft with ceramic plungers Pump drive Direct Unloader Adjustable Detergent injector Low pressure Thermal relief valve Yes 3/8-in. x 25

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Subaru Dewatering Pump - PKX220, 172 GPM, 2" Includes hose band, strainer, tool kit, & vibration stabilizers Protective cast aluminum pump housing Industry Best 5 year limited manufacturer warranty Subaru 4-cycle 4.3 HP engine with speed control Shimmable

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211 cc Subaru® OHC Engine w/Electric Start The New Titan PowrLiner 8955 has features that deliver more control, convenience and comfort. Included in the new design is the PowrCenter dashboard that has features like a handy storage tray, pressure gauge, cup holder and a 12 volt plug-in for charging smartphones or iPods.

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EX Series OHC Engines – 4.5 – 14.0 HP SP Series OHC Engines – 5.7 – 7.0 HP EA Series OHC Engines – 4.5 – 5.5 HP EH V-Twin Series Engines – 20.5 – 40.0 HP Rammer Series Engines – 2.8 – 3.5 HP Generators Industrial Generators – 2900 – 13000W

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211cc Subaru OHC AR 3-0228 Adjustable pressure 36in. 37.5x22x25in. 171 lb. 121 lb. JCW-2703-0MHB 2700 2.4 196cc Honda OHV AR 3-0228 Adjustable pressure 36in.

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62-200 Pressure Washer Gasoline Direct Drive Part # 62-200 Dimensions 43"W x 30"D x 41"H, 428 lbs. Engine Performance proven engine with low oil protection and recoil start 404cc Subaru OHC engine 1.7 gallon fuel tank Pump Direct drive triplex piston AR pump with ceramic plungers

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PSI Delivery Pressure High-Purity High-Flow Brass Pressure Regulator BUY ! 1.7 GPM / 1, 600 PSI Space Shuttle Cold Water Mi-T-M WP-2700-4MHB Cold Water Direct Drive, 187cc Honda OHC Gasoline Engine, 2700 PSI Pressure Washer Start

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The low pressure fuel hose may deteriorate and crack over time due to heat generated within the engine compartment. Remedy Kia will notify Owners, and Dealers will inspect the low pressure fuel hose for damage or leaking, replacing it as necessary.


A new-generation highly-efficient direct-injection gasoline engine that achieves the world''s highest gasoline engine compression ratio of 14.0:1 Features of SKYACTIV-G ・The world’s first gasoline engine for mass production vehicles to achieve a high compression

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Engine: Performance-proven Subaru OHC engine with low-oil protection Frame: Light, corrosion resistance aluminum frame · 1-inch aluminum tube handles for easier pulling · Two-piece belt guard for quick access to belts · Pneumatic tires with tubes for longer

Subaru PKX401T - 499 GPM 4-Inch Trash Pump

Subaru Heavy-Duty 4" Trash Pump Easily handles solids up to 2" 14 HP Subaru EX40 OHC Engine w/ Speed Control Low oil shutdown prevents damage to the engine Anti-Vibration mounts reduce pump movement during operation Quick Clean-Out Pump Housing

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Subaru engine this model has great cleaning power. JP Series JP-3003-0MRB Units Include: -uick connect nozzles (0 , 15 and 25 ) Q 0-foot x 5 3⁄ 8-inch non-marking hose with quick connects, swivel and bend restrictors

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• OHC Commercial grade Subaru EX21 gasoline engine • General/Interpump pump, Triplex ceramic plunger • Unloader built-in • 3 0'' high pressure hose

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This pressure washer also includes a 25'' non-marring high-pressure hose and 4 quick-connect nozzles—0 , 25 , 40 and soap—all conveniently stored on the unit. Take it anywhere with large 12" by 3" flat-free wheels and hand-truck frame design. The Black

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10 HP Robin OHC Engine SAE tapered 4-11/32" shaft, tapped 5/16". Dual ball bearing PTO, cast iron cylinder liner Recoil Starter Low profile air filter. No tank, no muffler Generator replacement engine 3 year warranty Model EX300DE5221 (replaces EX300-D52011)


CX-0005 - Insulated dual lance - Has both a high and low pressure tip that allows you to switch to the low pressure chemical injector without having to change tips CX-0006 - 4000 PSI hose - Upgrades pressure hose to 4000 PSI rating AW-8400-0021 - Low pressure