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Manufacturer of Fire Hose Reels - First Aid Hose Reel With Nozzle, Dual Pressure Light Weight Nozzle, Fog Nozzle and Internal Hose Box offered by Luxmi Fire System, Ludhiana, Punjab. Fire Fighting Equipment ABC Type Fire Extinguisher Water Type (Gas


z Hose reel System ¾ Should there be structural or spatial constraints, or other difficulties in providing a standard hose reel system, hose reel tubing of reduced length (i.e. hose reel drums of smaller size) or installation of hose reel drums at high level

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DF series 12V pump, manual nozzle, 5'' suction hose, 20'' discharge hose, 20'' power cord w/plug, tote bracket, nozzle boot, (2) 1" straight hose barbs, (2) 1" 90 Item Weight 34.3 pounds Maximum Flow Rate 8 gallons_per_minute Maximum Pressure 38 pounds

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Adjust Flow Rate Fire Hose Nozzles 4 Position Fire Pistol Grip QLD6.0-8 . Fires range of Automatic Fire Nozzles are manufactured at our world headquarters in china. The. QLD6.0-8 represents cutting edge mainline fire nozzle design providing a powerful, long

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The pump discharge pressure should be established for the highest flow in the flow range of the nozzle. If for whatever reason a lower flow in the flow ranges selected there will only be a slightly elevated nozzle pressure, nozzle reaction, and flow which will be well within the guidelines for the operations.

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Free online Flow Rate calculator which helps you calculate the flow rate of any pipe given its diameter and liquid/gas velocity or its height and width (for a rectangular pipe) and velocity. The pipe flow rate calculator (a.k.a. discharge rate calculator) accepts input in both metric and imperial units: m/s, km/h, ft/s, yd/s, mph, and outputs in both metric units and imperial ones: cu ft, cu

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Theoretical Discharge and Reaction Solid Bore Nozzles (PDF) - View the nozzle pressure, gallons per minute (GPM), reaction force in pounds and bore dimensions for solid bore nozzles Fog Nozzles (PDF) - View the GPM settings, gallons per minute (GPM), reaction force in pounds and nozzle pressure at inlet for fog nozzles.

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The minimum flow rate of hose reels in JET and SPRAY setting is 41 L/MIN. at 0.6 MPa (6 bar) pressure Setting in chrome platedrotary nozzle is 53Lpm at 0.6 Mpa (6 bar) pressure. The effective throw range of discharge at 0.2 MPa (2 bar) pressure is 10 mtrs. in JET setting.

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Many nozzle companies use a part nuer that describes the spray angle and flow rate at 40 PSI. For instance, a "6520" is usually a 65° angle flat fan nozzle flowing ~2 GPM at 40 PSI. In the example below, the flow rate at 150 PSI is calculated to be ~3.87 GPM.

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The amount of water flow from a garden hose and minutes to supply that amount of water are determined below, based on the hose size and its supply pressure. The Equations These calculators use these formulas to determine the water flow rate and time to fill a


SRI hose reel nozzles are designed, tested and approved to meet European Standard EN671-1 and Australian Standard AS1221 Nylon and ABS material complies to ageing test in accordance to ISO4892-2.2 Throw range position at 0.6M 30± inclination, in accordance to EN671-1 Clause 10.4 Flowrate meets the equivalent nozzle diameter of 6mm in accordance to EN671-1


Hose, Swinging Arm, Reel, Hose, Nozzle Working Pressure 12bar Test Pressure 18bar Nozzle Orifice Diameter 8mm 6mm Flow Rate at 4bar 56L/m 34L/m Flow Rate at 6bar 68L/m 41L/m Fire Hose Reel Cabinet SPECIFIIONS BFE-CFHR

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18/1/2019· If you do get a hose nozzle with a shutoff valve, make sure it’s well-made and completely stops water flow when in the off position. Hose Diameter The most common hose sizes are ⅜”, ¾”, ½”, ⅝”, and 1”. The diameter of your hose will affect the overall flow rate

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Fire Nozzle Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Muai, we offer hand control select o flow nozzle, constant flow fire nozzle, select-o-flow nozzle, fm nozzle, jet spray nozzle and hose reel nozzle. Hand Control Select O Flow Nozzle Technical specifiion :

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Water pump discharge hoses are a lay flat, lower pressure, PVC or single jacket hose for light duty, general purpose water discharge for agricultural, irrigation, or construction appliions. Primary used for pool discharge, sump pumps and trash pumps for open

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flow pressure, at any hose reel or hydrant, of at least 300 kPa and a flow rate of at least i) 30L/min per hose reel, and ii) 1 200 L/min per hydrant, and b) incorporate devices that limit the gauge pressure at any hydrant valve to 600 kPa under full 7.8.1 7.8.1

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First we will look at the system with a 150mm nominal size discharge pipe. This is the same diameter as the discharge flange on our pump. The resulting flow rate through the system is 171.9m3 41.97m of fluid in the discharge pipeline. Adding the head loss of

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Hose Reel with 25m of 19mm Hose, Brass Nozzle and Brass Connection. An excellent steel hose reel complete with 25m of 19mm PVC hose (AS1221) and brass spray/jet nozzle. This item is powder coated steel weighs only 18 kg and comes complete with a 1m long flexible inlet connection hose with brass nut & Tail that screws onto any 25mm male BSP thread ready for immediate use.

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Predicted nozzle reaction plotted with respect to water flow rate. (Figure/Chin et al., Fire Technology) Flow rate, pressure, hose area and jet area The paper shows the same nozzle reaction occurs

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2) The flow rate - LPM (litres per minute) 3) The pressure (PSI or Bar). Basically the higher the two nuers on your pressure washer rating the more powerful the machine you have. If you want to use a multi-nozzle attachment, it is more important to opt for a

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The discharge coefficient is a dimensionless nuer used to characterise the flow and pressure loss behaviour of nozzles and orifices in fluid systems. Orifices and nozzles are typically used to deliberately reduce pressure, restrict flow or to measure flow rate. This

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The flow rate of an eductor is determined by the opening size in the venturi and the flow rate is usually marked on the eductor. Depending on the flow rate of the eductor, the hose size and length, these maximum recommended lengths are within the friction loss allowance shown previously (30 psi).

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Discharge (Hose and Nozzle) Flow Rate, oz./stroke For Container Size, gal. Max. Viscosity, cP Min. Max. For Drum Opening Size Includes Tube OD Tube Lg. Hose OD Hose Lg., ft. Features Each 12.8

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3.8 A minimum nozzle throw of at least 15 m shall be provided with all hose reels and monitors discharging foam simultaneously. The discharge pressure, flow rate and discharge pattern of deck integrated foam nozzles shall be to the satisfaction of

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In this article, we are looking at the flow of water through an orifice and we will define the orifice as an opening (with closed perimeter) in an element of a flow system. For us this orifice will be a fire sprinkler head or water mist nozzle in a fire protection system, we …

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A pistol grip hose nozzle is disclosed which allows proportional water control in accordance with the position of a rotatable valve. The hose nozzle has a handgrip section with an inlet water passage and an outlet section with an outlet water passage. One end of the

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In fire protection engineering, the K-factor formula is used to calculate the discharge rate from a nozzle. Spray Nozzles can be fire sprinklers or water mist nozzles, hose reel nozzles, water monitors and deluge fire system nozzles.K-Factors calculated in Metric

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The roadside cabinet is equipped with a reel of 1 1/2-inch, reinforced dispensing hose with 2 1/2-inch, automotive type nozzle equipped with 100-mesh nozzle screen; the rate-of-flow selector dial

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Adjustable Nozzle (1) Fire Hose Nozzle (28) Industrial Fire Hose Nozzle (10) Industrial Fog Nozzle (16) Jet And Fan Nozzle (1) Nozzle Break Apart (4) Nozzle Tip (2) Nozzle With Shut Off (1) Piercing Fire Hose Nozzle (3) Plastic Nozzle W/Tips (1) Shut Off (4) (4)