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Synonyms for choke in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for choke. 106 synonyms for choke: suffoe, stifle, smother, overpower, asphyxiate, strangle, throttle, asphyxiate

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choke: (をめて)させる,むせさせる,しくする,をまらせる,まらせる,ふさぐ,いっぱいにめる,だめにする,らす, チョークをかける ・ 1159 !

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Coilcraft specializes in CM chokes and wirewound ferrite beads cancel EMI in power supplies and DM data lines, including automotive grade filters for USB, CAN bus, PoC, ADAS

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REVERSE CHOKE Sportsmen develop strange prejudices concerning shotgun choke. My approach, and I happily admit to passing through the stage of confusion, is practical. I have discovered what works for me in different situations and now stick with it. For

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choke English | Español 1. n. [Well Completions] A device incorporating an orifice that is used to control fluid flow rate or downstream system pressure. Chokes are available in several configurations for both fixed and adjustable Adjustable chokes enable the fluid

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11/8/2020· Syria''s Assad says new U.S. sanctions are part of drive to ''choke'' Syrians Back to video Assad urged his subjects to support the currency, which has lost around almost two thirds of its value

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Eine Starterklappe (auch Choke [t ʃoʊk]) ist ein Bauteil bei Vergasermotoren, das eine gezielte Begrenzung der in den Vergaser einströmenden Luft ermöglicht.Weil sich in einem kalten Motor ein großer Teil des sich in der Ansaugluft befindenden Kraftstoffes im Ansaugtrakt und an der Zylinderwand niederschlägt, wird beim Kaltstart der Kraftstoffanteil im Gemisch erhöht.

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Choke. 1,573 likes · 9 talking about this. Edmonton punk band established in 1994 and disbanded in 2007. Reunion tour dates now posted. NEW DATE. NEW VENUE. MORE BANDS. Due to ongoing restrictions in the live events industry, the first annual Barley

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Choke. 3.1K likes. We are from Lake Charles,Louisiana. Formed in 1994, and ain''t dead yet. We ain''t going away so deal with it. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage

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What is a shotgun choke? A shotgun choke is simply a tapered constriction of the gun''s bore at the muzzle end. The length of this constriction varies between the different shotgun makers but usually is not less than 1.5 nor more than 3 inches. This constriction is

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choke the eel choke the monkey, spank the monkey " CHOKE " choke transformer, (fluorescent lamp), choke , ballast , 。

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Choke is a very short atmospheric/horror game with a polished esthetic and subtle narrative. This game is another clone of PT like Continuous and ContinuousLY but it''s different, and in a way, better. The game built up in suspense throughout and did not rely so

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Shop Isami Reversal RVDDW with Free and Fast Shipping straight from Japan. ChokeSports is the official online store 5-star rated by thousands of customers since 2006. We have Belts, Gis, Shin Guards, Gloves, Apparel & more.

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Choke is a condition in horses in which the esophagus is blocked, usually by food material. Although the horse is still able to breathe, it is unable to swallow, and may become severely dehydrated.A secondary condition, aspiration pneumonia, may also develop if food material and saliva accumulate in the pharynx, spilling into the trachea and into the lungs.

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8/12/2008· transitive verb - to castigate, excoriate, to metaphorically ram your cock down someone''s throat To forcibly turn turn off a computer by holding down the power button until the computer shuts down. Most accurately describes a situation where a crappy windows PC

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6/8/2020· As global warming dials up sea levels and storm surges, the Bay Area will see not only more flooded streets and shorelines, but more traffic, a new study shows, with commuters converging on drier

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Een choke of smoorklep is een vlinderklep die de luchttoevoer kan verkleinen voor een mengselmotor met een carburateur. Het woord choke verwijst naar het Engels voor smoren/verstikken. Dit is nodig als de motor nog niet zijn normale bedrijfstemperatuur heeft bereikt. Een mengselmotor werkt op basis van een optimale verhouding tussen lucht en

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shotgun choke choke tube It could be your choke. The shotgun may be the most versatile weapon in the world of firearms. You can use it for home defense, or hunting everything from big game to small upland s. The typical stergun really is a Jack of all

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2019-11-01 Choke Coils has been discontinued. 2019-01-10 Choke Coils are Not Recommended for New Design. 2016-10-28 Registration certifies of quality and environment certifiions (ISO, TS) are available for download

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choke assault charges: Question Country: Afghanistan State: Alberta my boyfriend was charged with assault, and assisting himself in assault by means of choke. tried to get the charges dropped and couldn''t and now he''s pled Not Guilty What are the likely repercussions? he has 1 prior assault (but got alternative measures) is a single dad and

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Summary: Choke is a wickedly colorful dark comedy about mothers and sons, ual compulsion, and the sordid underbelly of Colonial theme parks. Victor Mancini, a -addicted med-school dropout, who keeps his increasingly deranged mother, Ida, in an

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Remington Shotgun Choke Tubes Whether you are shooting clay pigeons at the range or hunting for pheasant out in the wilderness, its important to have the ability to adjust the spray pattern of your shotgun. You can accomplish this by altering the choke tube.

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Als Flinte (auch Schrotflinte) wird eine Handfeuerwaffe mit glatter Laufbohrung bezeichnet, die in erster Linie für das Verfeuern von Schrotkugeln ausgelegt ist. Flinten kommen als Jagd-, Sport- und Dienstgewehre zum Einsatz.[1][2] Sie sind zum Schießen auf kurze Distanzen ausgelegt. Je nach Munition ergeben sich realistische

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Force choke, a variant of and, at times, synonymous with Force grip, was a dark side Force power where one would use the the Force to choke or strangle a victim, oftentimes with a grip-like gesture. It was a technique of telekinesis that was frequently employed by

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6/4/2018· To change input values, click on the input box (black on white), backspace over the input value, type in your new value. Then press the red COMPUTE button to perform the calculation. You will see the output box (yellow on black) change value. You can use either

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Choke (2008) : · : · / · : · / · / ·· / · : / /: : : 2008-01-21 : 92 : IMDb: tt1024715

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They''ll take your breath away, the Choke Boots. Laceup stacked platform boot insanity. Inner zipper pull for an easy in and out. 5" heel height. Fit is about a 1/2 size small, sizing up is recommended if you''re in between sizes. 100% leather upper, heavyweight foam

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Power Choke Power Inductor / Viking Tech has the experience in the design of innovative components, offering support and service to Global customers that demand a genuine manufacturing partner. Our goal is to be the leader in design, manufacturing, and marketing of miniature, precision passive components used throughout Automotive, Industrial and 3C electronic appliions.

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17/7/2019· Choke Price: An economic term used to describe the lowest price at which the quantity demanded of a good is equal to zero. At any price below the choke …

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choke-ful Letzter Beitrag: 30 Aug. 06, 14:04 The market is choke-full of a large and diverse nuer of gurus, inventors, researchers and … 2 Antworten Optical Choke Letzter Beitrag: 14 Feb. 08, 11:14 Optical Choke inspector Glass bottle inspection, what else