a 4 cm nozzle connected to a 12 cm hose ejects a horizontal jet of water to atmosphere the discharge from the nozzle is measured

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Because Bernoulli’s equation relates pressure, fluid speed, and height, you can use this important physics equation to find the difference in fluid pressure between two points. All you need to know is the fluid’s speed and height at those two points. Bernoulli’s equation relates a moving fluid’s pressure, density, speed, and height from Point 1 […]

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Units: cm=centimeter, ft=foot, hr=hour, m=meter, min=minute, sec=second. Tank (or pond or reservoir) is open to the atmosphere. The tank can be cylindrical or other cross-section but must have the same cross-section for its entire height. The orifice can be

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24/5/2010· It then enters a smaller pipe of diameter 3.0 cm. What is the speed of the water as it flows through the smaller pipe? Stumped- I''m "stumped" too. ''Don''t know the answer - ''cause I have no idea what to do with the pressures except: 4.5 m/s through D=3.4 cm means

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Base Apertures The liquid outlet velocity when draining a tank or a container can be calculated v = C v (2 g H ) 1/2 (1a) where v = outlet velocity (m/s) C v = velocity coefficient (water 0.97) g = acceleration of gravity (9.81 m/s 2) H = height (m)

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I''m looking to create a rain harvesting system. I have a 275 gallon IBC tote that is 48" x 40" x 46". I have an adapter for a 3/4 garden hose at the bottom of the IBC tote. I''m trying to figure out three things: What is the pressure at the bottom of the tote, assuming that

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Coal dust is pneumatically transported through the nozzle and is served in the oxidizing atmosphere in the tuyere through which the hot air blast is blown into the furnace. In order to completely burn the coal dust coustion reaction should begin as close as possible to the end of the nozzle.

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1/11/2011· The invention claimed is: 1. Coffee maker comprising a casing (2) that includes at least one coffee outlet (9; 10) by which a coffee infusion can flow into a cup (16), a steam generator, and a steam outlet nozzle (20) that can move relative to the casing and that is connected to the steam generator, said nozzle (20) having one free end (22) that can be immersed in the cup, wherein the free end

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Start studying Driver/Operator. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Actual amount of pressure being produced by the pump. When taking water from a hydrant, it is the difference between the intake pressure and the

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For example, if one desires to measure the flow of water/wastewater through a 30.4 cm (12 inch) pipe, take a 60.8 cm (2 foot) length of 30.4 (12 inch) pipe closed at one end, and fill it up with water/wastewater containing a known concentration of the radioactive

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A sprinkler that consists merely of an enclosure with 24 holes, each 0.13 cm in diameter. If the water in the hose h


7.9 Hose The extinguisher discharge outlet of 5 kg and 10 kg capacity shall be fitted with the hose of not less than 500 mm (or of suitable size) and 750 mm lengths, respectively. 7.10 Nozzle The nozzle shall be squeeze grip type for 10 kg capacity and for 5 kg

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5–146 Underground water is being pumped into a pool whose cross section is 3 m x 4 m while water is discharged through a 5-cm-diameter orifice at a constant average velocity of 5 m/s. If the water level in the pool rises at a rate of 1.5 cm/min, determine the rate at which water is supplied to the pool, in m3/s.

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4 8.5 10 1.27 10 3 0.667 ft D ft ε − =× = ×− Because we have the values of both the Reynolds nuer and the relative roughness, it is efficient to use the Zigrang-Sylvester equation for a once-through calculation of the turbulent flow friction factor. 10 10 33 10 4 4

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In Example 1 from Flow Rate and Its Relation to Velocity, we found that the speed of water in a hose increased from 1.96 m/s to 25.5 m/s going from the hose to the nozzle. Calculate the pressure in the hose, given that the absolute pressure in the nozzle is 1.0 × 10 5 N/m 2 (atmospheric, as it must be) and assuming level, frictionless flow.

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= 1500m, and D3 — 0.45 m. When the discharge is 0.11 m3/s of water at 150 C, determine the difference in elevation between the reservoirs. 8.117 Water, at volume flow rate Q = 0.75 ft3/s, is delivered by a fire hose and nozzle assely. The hose (L = 250ft

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We could write the measured values as 16.3 0.1 cm and 4.5 0.1 cm. In general, a significant figure is a reliably known digit (other than a zero used to loe a decimal point). Suppose we would like to find the area of the plate by multiplying the two measured values together.

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discharge level reservoir T WL min = - S H and discharge level reservoir B WL max = - S H where TWL = Top Water Level (reservoir) BWL = Bottom Water Level (reservoir) If the discharge point is at a level of 110.5 m above the mean sea level (also

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If a water pipe is 15 mm diameter and the water pressure is 3 bar, assuming the pipe is open ended, is it possible to calculate the flow rate or water velocity in the pipe? Most of the calculations I have found appear to need 2 of these: diameter, flow rate, velocity. So

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4/6/1991· Vaporized silicon halide is mixed with a vaporized alkali metala in a reactor chaer in an exothermic reaction producing liquid silicon droplets and gaseous alkali metal halide, and then passed out of the reactor chaer through a nozzle in a supersonic jet. The

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6.11 Water at 20 C flows upward at 4 m/s in a 6-cm-diameter pipe. The pipe length between points 1 and 2 is 5 m, and point 2 is 3 m higher. A mercury manometer, connected between 1 and 2, has a reading = 135 mm, with h p1 higher. (a) What is the p1 − p2

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9 4 5 12 Non-aloged Hose Request Form 14 Pressure Re-Rating Percentage for Increased Temps 11 Proper Grounding of Industrial Hose with Static or Helical Wires

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US4186772A US05/801,620 US80162077A US4186772A US 4186772 A US4186772 A US 4186772A US 80162077 A US80162077 A US 80162077A US 4186772 A US4186772 A …

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Express your answer in SI units. 5G - , - tt t- I r /-2.3 1,1). j, Z 9 J 1.''2..q 40 of. An open, rigid-walled, cylindrical tank contains temperature varies from 40 of water at of 90 of. 4 ft3 Over a 24-hour period of time the water in Appendix B to determine how much the

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The virtual laboratory is designed to simulate practical exercises from the course of Theoretical Hydraulics for students of technical specialties. Laboratory complex includes 13 laboratory works. Laboratory equipment is made in accordance with its real analogues.

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Example 3.2 A horizontal nozzle (Figure 3.4) discharges 0.01 m 3 /sec of water at 4 C into the air. The supply pipe''s diameter (dA = 40 mm) is twice as large as the nozzle diameter (dB = 20 mm). The nozzle is held in place by a hinge mechanism.

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The edges of a shoebox are measured to be 11.4 cm, 17.8 cm, and 29 cm. Determine the volume of the box retaining the proper nuer of significant figures in your answer. Carry out the following arithmetic operations: (a) the sum of the measured values 756, 37

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A.5.39 cm C. 5.98 cm B.4.32 cm D. 4.83 cm Air is drawn into a gas turbine working on the constant pressure cycle at 1 bar, 21 deg. C and compressed to 5.7 bar. The temp. at the end of heat supply is 680 deg. C. Taking expansion and compression to be adiabatic where Cv= 0.718 KJ/kg-K, Cp= 1.055 KJ/kg-K, Calculate the heat energy supplied per kg at constant pressure.